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about me
My name is Rose Malee Krohn. I live in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I was born in Thailand, but I dont remember much of Thailand because my family came here to the United States when I was 1 yr old. Im Hmong and I have Cerebral Palsy and I cant talk like you can. I use an augmentative communication device that I can type in and it talks for me. I grew up in St. Paul Minnesota. My family still lives in St. Paul and surrounding areas. I have 5 siblings not including myself.

I became a citizen in November, 2000. All my family members are now citizens of United States. I graduated in 2000 from Humboldt High School, and move to where I am now. Its a small town though its growing too fast. I am getting used to the small town setting, but its still friendly.

Im taking business because I wanted to better myself and get a degree in something that I could do after I get it. I have little to none to work background. I did work at goodwill and volunteered in Saint Paul when I was in high school. I volunteered at a flower shop, in offices and all kinds of jobs, but I cant do any of it here in this small town.

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