Business Starup
FINNANCIAL PLAN        Our company have 5 members so each of us will invest about 100 millions VND to create the capital with 500 millions VND.My company don’t need a big capital because it is a service company, most of thing just base on relationship.        Follow the sales forcast of my company, in the first year we will have the total income is 3,912,374,000 and after we iliminate all of the parts we need to pay back to suppiler and the percens that we discount for the customer we have Gross sales is over 295,863,000 VND.        About the expense, our company doesn’t spend much money in the expense because we use all of the support available, we don’t have the rent item because we will use my house as a head office.        Although we will loss in the first 10 month, but in the last 2 month we begin to make profit.We have a loss because we set up the company at Jan when the hot season is from Jun to Aug (it is summer vacation and this is the perfect time to have the wedding with all of family) and from October to Feb base on the Lunar New Year coming late or erly (wedding season).We don’t have much customer so we miss the high season and we need time about 6 to 8 month to make the customer know about the company so we need to wait to the next high season from Oct to the end of the year, and base on this financial plan I belive that just in 1.5 year after set up our company will meet the breakevent point.        Follow the Cash flow chart the money left after 1 year of the company is over 423,800,000 VND.

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