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MPC (formerly MicronPC) is a full service manufacturer and distributor of computerized technologies. Headquartered in Nampa, Idaho, the company serves the small and mid-size business, government, education, and consumer markets and is the 3rd largest direct seller of computers in the United States. MPC has a clear mission statement. Each employee strives to deliver high-quality PCs with hardware, software, and services to create complete computing solutions for their customers. ( Additional company info can be found in Appendix _______.

We would like to become the official provider of notebook computers to the students at the University of Arizona. At MPC, quality products and superior service are the top priorities. We have spent 28 years exceeding the expectations of our clients and are prepared to bring this level of dedication to the U of A. We understand that students should spend their time enjoying college, not worrying if their computer will function properly. Through honest marketing, stringent quality control and comprehensive service plans, we will work to provide a worry free experience to your students.

General Trends
There is a clear shift to wireless technology at the University of Arizona. It seems like nearly every location on campus provides a wireless connection. Students are cutting the ties to their old desktops to explore the advantages of mobile computing, and they expect any notebook computer they purchase to have wireless capabilities built in (source). MPC notebooks are designed focusing on high mobility without sacrificing performance. Extended battery lives and cutting edge wifi technology, coupled with innovative security features, facilitate all aspects of wireless computing.

Student Survey
On March 3, 2005 a survey was conducted on the University of Arizona main campus to determine the specific needs and desires of U of A students (attachment). Individual interviews were held outside of the Colleges/Schools of Education, Architecture, Engineering, Nursing, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. Many students offered their opinions on topics that were not explicitly addressed on the survey. Their comments have been valuable in assessing the desires of the students.

An additional survey was conducted in two Marketing 361 classes to determine the needs and desires of U of A business students (Eller Class Survey). To supplement this data a brief questionnaire was distributed to individual business students (attachment).

Survey Results
MPC differentiates itself by focusing on ease of product operation and individual customer service (About MPC). Our customers are not as concerned with specific technological specifications as they are with having a reliable computer backed by a company that understands the value of service. Students from the Colleges of Education, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and the Eller College of Management showed an appreciation for the experience that we offer, and these colleges will be our targets for entry into the University of Arizona Market. (attachment).

College of Education
Many students at the College of Education are working professionals, returning to school to earn their teaching credentials (UA Factbook). Some of these students have not been exposed to the technology that an average 18 year old freshman has integrated into their life. When a computer problem occurs for these students, they do not know where to begin to solve the issue. Long wait times and difficulty communicating with technical support agents from other companies only increases their confusion. Our American based technical support and ease of service would be of great value to this segment of the market.

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences is the largest college on campus. Our data showed that 50% of the colleges 5,700 students plan on purchasing a new notebook computer during their college career. Many of the students from the college experience the same lack of technical savvy as those in the College of Education. 60% rated service as a top concern when purchasing a new computer (attachment). The ease of service provided by MPC is ideal for this group. (attachment)

Eller College of Management
The Eller College of Management focuses on group work and team building. The exchange of information between team members by email or other means is difficult. Allocating a portion of the Eller Colleges network to students would ease their communication troubles. Each student could be granted space on the server for their time at Eller, and these individuals could create shared folders for their teams. Creating this student intranet would keep common files and course materials in a central location allowing team access and would cut down on the overwhelming amount of emails that pass between students distributing copies of their work. MPC would work with Eller IT to manage this system and to ensure that each notebook came preconfigured to access and navigate the Eller network.

What are MPCs goals?
MPC has been in business for more than a quarter of a century and we have learned that it takes time to build strong business relationships. We see a great opportunity at the University of Arizona to build a strong partnership and we are prepared to make a long term commitment. It is difficult for consumers to trust a company that they are not familiar with. In one year we would like to see a dramatic increase in the recognition of the MPC brand name among students.

We strive to create lifelong customers. Once an individual has experienced MPCs products and services, or history shows that they will stay with the company. We do not expect to make a large profit margin on our student sales. We believe that by reaching the students through the endorsement of the university, we benefit from their business when they enter the workforce.

How will we achieve our goals?
We are prepared to spend $1,000,000 during our first year at the University of Arizona. This figure will include all of the marketing steps that will be necessary to build brand recognition among the students. We will also use this budget to decrease the costs of our products and services to the students.

We are also prepared to provide training, notebook parts, and monetary compensation to the U of A IT department.

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