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If I was Mayor and I had just finished my first year as being mayor of a city, and at the end of the year there is $1 million dolars left in the budget, and I had to spend this money within my community I would make the community earn I wouldnt just give it away because that might be a dangerous to do. I would have a big community fair and made sure that everybody came out and got something, that would give me a chance to meet the people who voted for me and mingle with them. There will be games, food, and prizes, everybody would win something no one would go home sad or empty handed. I would start the fair real early and finished not too late. I wouldnt spend all the money on the community fair because that would be exstravagant but not too smart, I would give a portion to the schools, nursing homes, and charities in the community. That day will be a day to remember for everybody, they will be no problems on that day what ever problems the community had before they came it would all be sovled.No one would be sad or unhappy because theyll be too busy having fun and eating I mean who gets sad when theyre eating, I would top it all off with a movie at the end of the night with popcorn and drinks for everybody . The reason for me having a community fair is that I think this would be the best way for me to share the money with the community instead of just giving it away, I Would rather let than have fun with the ones they love and rearn than to just give it to then and let them fight over.

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