Reflective Essay
Reflective Essay
My Reflection
This course was my first writing course in college and although I feel I tried my hardest on each assignment I think I deserve a B+ in this class. In this class I feel I had both strengths and weaknesses. My weaknesses include dyslexia and my overall writing skills; while my strengths include overcoming obstacles I had not faced before in my academic life.

At an early age I was diagnosed with dyslexia, not as severe as some but dyslexia none the less. My parents transferred me to a private elementary school here in Boulder. By doing this they hoped I would get more one on one attention. At this school I had a private tutor. I would meet with her a couple times a week. In the beginning it was determined through standardized tests that both my reading and writing abilities were well below proficient. I spent two full years with my tutor trying different methods to help me read and write better. Slowly but steadily I caught up to my classmates. Even though I am now considered proficient in both categories, I sometimes still have trouble with reading and writing. I’m not a very fast reader and most times I have to re-read things to fully comprehend the meaning. Unfortunately I think this inability has hindered my performance in the class. Although I feel I have tried really hard and have put in a lot of time my scores especially on the narrative essay don’t reflect that.

At the beginning of the semester I was quite lacking in organizational skills. In high school, we weren’t assigned much formal writing, so my base for organization was not solid. I think this is one of the places I have most improved over the past semester. I myself can see an improvement between the organization of the narrative essay and the research paper. Although my organization now may not be great, I think it is one of the areas in which I’ve improved the most. Because my organization isn’t great I don’t think I deserve an A, but due to my improvement I think I deserve a B+.

Another thing I have a hard time with is procrastination. I know it’s not good but it just always seems to happen. I think your class has significantly helped me begin to overcome this bad habit by setting numerous deadlines and having many revisions due. In high school a teacher would assign a paper and then a month it was due. There would be no dead lines in between and unfortunately I would find myself a couple nights before the deadline with a blank sheet of paper. I feel that by having at least one new draft due each week really helps me to just sit down

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