Underground Mining Technology Tour Report
The first week lectures started with underground mining technology, mainly focussed on longwall method for extraction of coal from underground. In Poland they have adopted almost all longwall method in all mines. The lectures was focussed on supports in gallery, shearers etc.Then there was lectures on excavation in protective pillars and the impact of mining on surface. These lectures were quite knowledgeable.

• The first technical trip was to Ziemowit hard coal mines. We visited longwall coal face which was 630 Mtrs below surface. There was locomotive of about 4.7Km then 2.5km monorail to reach the longwall face. It was very good tour, could have been more

better if electrical power distribution and pumping of mine water (dewatering) have been included.
• The second visit was to Famur group factory at Gorlice, there they manufacture power supports for different longwall. We get exposure their whole manufacturing procedure of power support, was very good tour.

• The second week started with lectures on mine ventilation and mine cooling, safety and health of underground mining, underground fire, technology of enrichment of coal and methane hazard and coal methane drainage. These lectures were quite good dealt with lots of things in very short time.

• The third technical visit was to EXME Burger group at Jastrzebie. The EXME Berger group was expert and leader in underground coal methane drainage and its cogeneration.They manufacture all there equipment and they showed their pratical demonstration of cogeneration at JSW Budryk mine. This tour was excellent many things to learn.

• The fourth technical visit was to JSW SA, Pniowek mine. There was methane drainage system from underground coal mine, cogeneration and trigeneration plant, gas engines, cooling plant and chillers. this visit was very good could have been better if there was visit of there ventilation system.

• The third week started with lectures on slope stability engineering and its computer simulation. This lecture was excellent by Dean M.Cala. There was also lectures on ground water, mine water dewatering, and control blasting techniques.These lectures were good could have beeb better if mine water dewatering and drainage system dealt with details.

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