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Title: Technology Timeline; 1920s to Present, by Tawny Press1. SummaryThe 1920’sEarly 1920’s, young inventor Philo Farnsworth invents the first television.The 1930’sThe technology advances quickly when RCA broadcasts TV from the Empire State Building and during that year, the world first television’s commercial and television advertising was launched. However, the station was fined as commercials were not yet legal at that time.The 1940’sAfter the war, the television production ramps-up when television success to diverts radio audiences with one million viewers. During that year, television networks are formed as well as the television studio. There was also a mobile television studio, which was on the move. Television cameras are built to be portable and first live sports events are televised for the first time. The1950’sDuring the year 1950’s, television is considered as the new frontier for advertising and welcomes the era of the single sponsor. Another breakthrough is the existing of television that comes alive in color from black and white television.The 1960’sComputers become commercialized for a business breakthrough in Computer Programming Language. The first computer mouse was born with a graphical user interface. In the year 1960’s, open source software sharing was introduced where the first commercial modern, electronic spreadsheet and flopping disk was built. Television in 1960 was live for the first time.

The 1970’sThe first internet connection is documented from the APRAnet at UCLA. During that year, PC enters home to compete with television. The television technology was growing too when first VCR records TV programming delivered by satellite television broadcasting.The 1980’sThe birth of PC-DOS 1.0 which started out as QDOS “Quick and Dirty Operating System”. Then Microsoft bought the code and it became MS-DOS. IBM releases the first “IBM PC” 5150 which came with Microsoft’s operating system “MS-DOS”. Steve Jobs launches the Apple Macintosh that runs an epic television Ad.The 1990’sThe internet comes alive in the 1990’s which evolved from a growing grid of computer networks. During that year, the World Wide Web(www)  is conceived which is born from the work of Tim Berners-Lee. URL, HTML and HTTP protocols are also established at that time. The Silicon Valley is known as the new frontier and the Dot-Com Boom begins.The 2000’sComputer users plug into google as their primary search engine. TV entertainment is redefined through computers while television networks are dedicated to computers and grow rapidly.

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