Why Iran Needs Nuclear Power
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Many disturbing words are written about Ahmadinejad, Iran’s leader. That he believes the next Imam is coming. That a child who was thrown down a well will rise again. That he denies the holocaust. That he supports the cause of the working class in Iran. That he wants his country to have nuclear power. But lets not be hasty about his beliefs. America has a leader who believes that a man who was nailed to a tree two thousand years ago will save him from Hell. The UK has a leader who believes the American leader. And lets not beat around the bush.

Iran NEEDS nuclear weapons. It does not need nuclear power. It has enough oil for itself and its young 70million odd population. It needs nuclear weapons because it needs to defend itself. It needs the threat that North Korea has – to be “un-attack-able”. The first rule of American military politics now is that the state you attack has to be undefendable. Iraq had nothing, nothing! And American and UK planners knew this. This is why they did not say that al-Qaeda was in North Korea. North Korea has nuclear weapons. This is why they did not say that al-Qaeda was in Pakistan. Pakistan has nuclear weapons (and they are compliant). They said that al-Qaeda was in Iraq. Al-Qaeda, in all its shapes and forms, has not really been into a champagne-guzzling regime like Saddam Husseins. Iraq was defenceless. It had nothing. And the Amerikans knew it.

Iran knows too well that its democratically elected government can be overthrown by the CIA, American and Western interests. Indeed witness the Shah. Irans defence policy, for any rational person who understands Amerikan Real Politik, and who understands what causes that great monster to move, and who knows the history of Iran will know that Ahmadinejad NEEDS nuclear weapons to deter an American attack. The Americans are already at his border. They have already occupied his neighbour. Its client state Israel has nuclear weapons, and (despite their failure with Hizbollah) a highly effective army. Virtually everyone

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