The Boken Fountain
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The Broken Fountain
This story told about a man who travels to Naples, Italy. It is a first person narrative, almost like a diary of the persons life in Italy. He was looking for a new society, and the reason for his travels is because he feels he should see how the people from that specific society live. He did not know anyone, or have anyone with him, nor did he speak the language. He doesnt know where anything is or about the complicated customs. Even though in the beginning he didnt understand these things, when he left, he had been molded into a new man.

The first few chapters are just describing the place he lived, and about a man he met who taught him Italian. He lived in a run down dirty apartment building with rates. He spent his first few days worrying about where he lived, and how he was going to adjust to his new life. He then talks more about the man who teaches him to speak, and how the man showed him around and introduced him to people in society.

He was introduced to Lorenzo and Stefano through this man. These two people quickly became the authors friend, and they showed him how to survive in Italy. They were compassionate toward the fact that he was an outsider, and didnt understand their culture. They were there to help him adapt to his new life, and to help him feel comfortable. They showed him the community where they lived, and how it was overall a bad group of people. People were always getting raped and robbed, and almost every night something else would happen. This was how people survived in this community. This made people unwelcoming of new people, and why it was hard fro him to meet people in the beginning.

He would occasionally travel to Europe, and observe the societies there. He wrote down lots of notes about the culture and the way of life. The people in Europe were welcoming of him, and it really

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