Transparent: What Is There to Live For?
Essay Preview: Transparent: What Is There to Live For?
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Philosophy Final Exam/Paper Question/Topics        Choice from four questions- each with 2 parts                         Textual 50%                        Personal 50%Eight to ten pages         First part 5-6 pg         Second Part 3-4 pg You carry all these author’s beliefs in the authors we have read. Everything is connected historically and culturally, and there is something larger than ourselves.          Example: Slave mentality- we all have it because we see what is useful for us.                 This isn’t a disease, it is who we are. Everything we touch, see, and learn forms who we areFirst Part Like reading analysis: side by side with book BIG PICTURE Second Part Question Four:Part I: Ideologies Part II: A)B) Ethics and politics intertwined in stiegler C) You I Question Three:Part I:        Be very Specific to answer all the questions and just those parts                 Free spirt, noble spirit, multiplicity                 Theory of Nietzche and Goldman of what the individual is Nietzche: Individual is not free, unless the free themselves and understand the will to powerGoldman: Anyone that can argue/have an opinion and not fear authority (rugged individualism and individualismQuestion two:Part I: It is political Nietzche: What is he doing in Genealogy? Why  Reality: Multiplicity (create meanings and values Marx: We need to change ideologies What is Genalogy? A history of moral obligations First part is all textual Second part is a creation and reflection on what you know of life Like Mill’s view of the genius: always needing to have growth Stiegler =Traditional Thesis: We can’t really live without having the nonexistent/impossible thing in our life.

The infinite         Pharmacon carries the infiniteOnce you transfer care (feeling [trust, infidelity, etc.]) you need to have something worth caring for Example: Mom cares for you it is transferred by the transitional object                        Give the baby a teddy bear- care is transferred Once you make something tangible (popcorn, heaven) takes meaning away from this life. The way we create meaning is bad because we are taking away meaningToday’s religion is science         Example: Just give me the data, everything can be quantified = positivism   To be able to conclude: What is going to happen? Crisis: not just economic, but a crisis of meaningBased on Affects:         Example: Trump and Bernie                 Stiegler- We are sick and tired of things that are structured and lined up                                 Looking for meaning                                        Analyze what people are doing We change meaning by trans-individual Relations: Three LevelsAffects Body MeaningRead the final prompt to get some of Stiegler’s main arguments/ideas Today is a global culture: What are the processes?Curative projection processes Processes of anamnestic transindividuationNormative individuation processes Sublimation processesProcesses of expropriationProcesses of Disapprenticeship Processes of GrammatizionProcesses of Disindividuation Processes for production and consumption of energyCollective individuation Processes Instrumental Processes Processes of InternalizationProcesses of chemical combinationProcesses of AdoptionProcesses of Interiorization Ex: Nehilism Social Reality:         Culture and Physic                 You have a relation of care of with it                        This is where we have morality                                We are born in the culture, and whether we reject or accept it we still have it in us                                         It is all the affects, you belong to the culture even if you are resisting it Culture is changing because of Capitalism        Capitalism is a pharmacon Pharmakon

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