The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians
The first Letter of Paul to the CORINTHIANSWEEK – 10 AssignmentBIBLICAL STUDY OUTLINE BASED ON 1 CORINTHIANS 15In 1 Cor 15 we come to one of the most important chapters of the Bible—the resurrection chapter. Interestingly, this chapter is the longest chapter of any New Testament epistle, and the book of 1 Corinthians is the longest epistle in the New Testament. Paul’s words in this chapter divide into two distinct sections. The first section (15:1-34) makes the case for the reality and certainty of the resurrection. The second section (15:35-58) explains how the resurrection is possible and discusses the nature of resurrection bodies. Paul spent so much time on this topic because the Corinthians had come to believe in life after death without bodily resurrection. Beliefs and misconceptions of hearersThe common misconceptions are:The body and the spirit are different. There would be resurrection only of the spirit, but not of the body. Because of this dualistic thinking, there were interpretations that while we live in the body, we can do as we please, because body’s needs are to be met. Another important misconception was that it is not possible to resurrect after death. Life ends with death, there is no life beyond. If this is so, then the very foundation of Christian belief and faith would be shaken because it’s based on the fact that Christ rose up from the dead and is alive.  Another misconception was that since the body is of the world and its attractions are evil, we should abstain totally from worldly pleasures, such as sex, movies, TV, food, etc. This is another extreme outlook which views that earthly pleasures are sinful and therefore to be completely avoided.    Objectives in studying the chapter and main points a. THE GOSPEL IN RELATION TO THE CORINTHIANS AND IN RELATION TO US (Verses 1-2)      1. Paul proclaimed it and they received it (1)      2. By it they are saved, if they hold fast to it. So should we also receive and hold fast to it. (2)b. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL (3-8)      1. Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures (3)      2. He was buried and rose again the third day according to the Scriptures (4)      3. He was seen by many eyewitnesses (5-7)      4. He was seen by Paul himself, who by the grace of God was able to preach the gospel (8-10)c. CHRISTS RESURRECTION AND OUR RESURRECTION (20-28)      1. Christ is the “firstfruits” (20)      2. As in Adam all die, so in Christ all shall be made alive (21-22)      3. A brief description as to when this will occur (23-28)         a. At the coming of Christ (23)         b. This will be the end, when Christ delivers the kingdom to God (24-28)            1) When He has put an end to all rule, authority and power (24)            2) For Christ must reign till God has put all enemies under His feet (25)

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