Essay title: Gentrification
In the first half of the twentieth century, the arrival of poor and working class immigrants, especially the descendents of freed slaves from the South, into Washington D.C caused a severe housing shortage and the construction of substandard dwellings reminiscent of shanty-towns. Nearly 9000 houses were without indoor toilet facilities. Over 4000 did not have indoor running water. More than 10,000 families had to use candles or oil lamps. As of 1938, the population had increased 30% in the previous 10 years and new dwellings for only half of these newcomers had been provided. These conditions were dramatically manifested in what were called Alley Dwellings, housing built on alleys within blocks that did not face any major streets. It is in this time that the nations capitol began the construction of public housing projects.

My views on gentrification is mixed. In some ways it is good and in some ways it is bad. Some of the positive things about gentrification are that it sometimes brings an economic boost to the area and can bring in large amounts of money to the city. More money means better buildings, schools, shops, etc in the area.

The negative side of gentrification is that it forces people out of their

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