Police Sirens Blared
Kevin, while sweeping up floors, recounts the night that police sirens blared as he laid face down on the concrete, arms folded in cuffs behind his back, wondering where it all went wrong. Wondering how he got to this point and how he let his life get this out of control. And how he, a dealer, became a money addict, and ruined his life.

He recalls being an embarrassed 7 year old hopping into the backseat of his father’s “hoopty” in front of all his classmates, who he knew were laughing at him internally. He explains how his disdain for his parents lack of wealth only increased over time, including his 10th birthday where his parents could only afford to throw him a dinner party… catered by his mom… at home.

In Part 1, Kevin goes into depth about how his father would always lose jobs sporadically and his mother never could make enough money to counteract that. So all his life he was either kinda broke, or completely broke. We travel to his old home which is abandoned now, and explains how easy it is to end up on the wrong path when you don’t have options. He even takes us to the location of his first ever transaction and says: “Your first deal is like your first kiss, you remember everything, what time it was, what the weather was like, how nervous you were, and how alive you felt afterwards.”

In Part 2, he tells us about the trials and tribulations he faces as a dealer. How the money just drags you in deeper and deeper each time. He describes the paradigm shift in his personality and how he transformed from an innocent kid, to a cold blooded greed fueled business man. And how that business man devolved into a money junkie.

Kevin takes me past the alley where he almost lost his life over a quarter pound of marijuana and $2,000 because of he refused to give up his cash. And he said “Back in those days, I’d let a sucka take my life before he took my money. I was so blind… so foolish.”

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