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In life there are many incidents that can change people. But there are some incidents that have changed me, for example going to a new school and making friends, it all started on the first day of school at Jennings middle school it was nine fifteen. Before this incident my life was different because at my old school I was able to talk to any one and not be scared but that changes. This incident was very hard to overcome and had many challenges to overcome but it has changed my life in many ways.

In the beginning, I could always make friends at my old school but things are different. It was the first day of school at Jennings middle school it was nine fifteen and I was walking to homeroom in my mind I was thinking what would it be like on the first day will I make friends or will I just be an out cast, I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt sick inside. I stopped in front of my homeroom class room three twelve. I walked inside the classroom and stopped every one was staring at me, I started to sweat I was so nervous I think I might have thrown up in my mouth a little bit but I kept my balance and a straight face and walked up to the teacher. “Hello my name is Mrs. Vickers I am your home room and first period teacher and here at Jennings middle school you will have a good year.” My teacher said with a well manner tone.

How ever, I tried my best to make it through a whole day of school. Some times people would stare at me, sometimes I felt like some one was talking about me maybe they werent maybe I was thinking that someone was talking about. I would go up to people and say hi but they would walk away. I felt so sad I felt like I didnt belong. I went through five periods today and didnt even make any friends I thought maybe I need to go to a private school. It was now six periods almost the end of the day, I was never going to make friends but then I said to my self, “Im just a loner I wish I was at my old school.”

Finally, all that changed I showed some toughness and went up to some one, I had to make some friends I went up to this girl she had blonde hair and was wearing a v neck shirt and skinny jeans, “hi my name is aalaysia whats your name?” I said with a nice tone, “my name is Lisa, want to be friends?”, “sure.” And from that day on me and Lisa were friends for a long time and I made other friends she introduced me to some of her friends. This changed me so much because now I am not shy and scared to talk to others and make friends. My life is now better than before and I feel more complete.

In conclusion, what I have learned from my incident is that if you show courage and strength for your self and not be afraid to make friends you will never be an out cast and youll always feel complete. My incident has changed me in life because now I have many friends and I am able to make friends and now I know that

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