Embarrasing Things
Essay title: Embarrasing Things
Embarrassing Impressions
My first day of high school was suppose to be fun and education, but instead made a complete turn for the opposite direction. I instead was treated with a less than perfect day of interactions.

I wanted to start the day off with a bigger bang than dynomite on the 4th of July, but my fate begged to differ. When i arrived first arrived at school; I saw an awkward walking frantically, and smiling with lips stretching from ear to ear. She couldnt have found a better time to trip, and spill her home-made concoction of kool-aid onto my brand new shirt! Mad as I may have been; I bit my tongue and walked away vigorously. Finally, I thought I had made it to a comfort spot, the bathroom, which I could exterminate the newly added design off of my shit.

Just knowing my day couldnt get worst; I walked into the bathroom head knowing nothing else could go wrong. I spotted my friend Matt in the mirror, primping in the mirror like he was about to take modeling pictures. I said, “Matt. Man. Check out ya boys shirt, tell me they aint do me dirty early in the morning already”

Matt replied, ” I dunno about what they did, but it just looks like your shirt got a little thirsty bro and sipped on some drank. Dont even trip.”
Laughing it off while arriving to class, I clearly failed to realize that I had tissue on the bottom of my shoe from the bathroom. I didnt use the bathroom or anything i just happened to have stepped on it while I was cleaning my shirt. The class proceeded; I heard snickering and saw people pointing, so I turned and asked my friend Brittany what was going on. Quietly I whispered, “Brittany, what are they laughin at? Cause REALLY I wanna laugh too.”

Brittany smurked while staring

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