1.)The four types of revelation are very different in the way that they are received. Some are seen from direct communication and some from other aspects like reading the bible. In some cases it can be many people and in some cases only one person will receive it. Revelation in some cases can be a sudden eye opening experience or a gradual change in views. One way they are related is that any revelation is an eye opening and life changing event. It is god communicating in some way in a very clear manner so that his message will be understood. His message, no matter who it was given to, is usually intended for an entire group. Revelations are usually remembered, written down, and ritualized. No matter what kind of revelation occurred many times a new religion can be formed from it or a new sect of a current religion. They are different in the way are received but they are the same in the response it gets from the people and how it is always intended for a group of people.

2.) The first creation story Gives god as a more powerful distant god. He speaks and what he says occurs. He creates everything in seven days through his very voice commands and then he rests. The second creation story is more personnel. At some point it says god walked with Adam in the Garden of Eden. After Adam and Eve have eaten the forbidden fruit god looks for them and calls for them to come out from hiding. This is somewhat contradictory to common thought, which is that god can see everything and be everywhere at one time. The first creation story gives that idea that god is everywhere but the second gives a more personnel account. These stories come together to give an important and fuller view of god. Together these two creation stories help to create the idea that god is set back from us in a way and at the same time he is closer to us than anybody else. They give the idea that he can be the ruler of all existence and still walk with us if he so chooses. He can be imminent and transcendent at the same time.

3.)In the covenant with god made by the Israelites god promised that were receive the promise land and that it would theirs to live and prosper in. The Israelites believed that the land was promised to them by god and as such was with out question their land. Jerusalem, a city inside this promise land, is where Jesus would spend his last few days. That same city is where their holiest temple was built and inside that temple the holiest of all artifacts was kept, the Ark of the Covenant. The very idea that outsiders would force their way into this land and take control of it was unthinkable. When other people did come to occupy the land many people of the time believed that as a people they had done something wrong and god was punishing them. Also when other cultures came they would often have different or many gods and would force the Israelites to worship them. This was, of course, considered blasphemy in their religion and some would refuse to worship those

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