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“Glory” is a movie that tells some important history of the Civil war and about the 54th infantry in Massachusetts they were the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil war. This regiment consisted of escaped slaves and free black men of the north. The 54th regiment proved to be worthy of respect and freedom for which they were fighting for they also wong the respect of all the white soldiers as well.

“Glory” is told mainly through the eyes of Shaw, at the start of this movie, Shaw is fighting in a battle, and survives even though the Union has a large loss. He is upset and hates the violence of this war and he returns home to rest and heal from his wounds. He is then recruited to lead the 54th regiment this newly formed regiment was made up of all black men in which he had doubts he could run properly.

The 54th Infantry was made up a very different group of men all different from another. John Rawlings and older man id the dad type figure of the group he watches out for the other men. Trip is a escaped slave who is rude and disrespectful to all regardless of who they are or the color of their skin, The other man is Thomas or “snowflake” he is a black man with an education and free.

At one point, Tripp calls Thomas a “nigger”, in response to Thomas quiet, respectful and educated manner. Meanwhile, Rawlins replied to him, “Dont forget where you came from, boy, because if you can call him a nigger, then you must be one too.” To me this points out that doesnt matter where you are now look where you came from and who you are, that if youre going to call someone something think first.

The 54th regiment was incorporated because people thought it would only be fitting that blacks be able to fight for their own freedom. The biggest problem with this issue was that the blacks were still thought of inferior, sub human individuals. This is one of the reason it took so long for this regiment to be formed but the racism still existed here because the black were not allowed to the military academies, they were called “niggers” and ran by all white prejudice officers.

Colonel Shaw at the start doubted his ability to lead the regiment because he still himself was still somewhat prejudiced. He did not treat them as humans he still treated them as a sub human group of people. Then as time went on, he started to change and discarded all his beliefs, he saw what they went through and realized that they are no different than him or other whites. When he saw them to go out to battle and fight and die just like the whites he realized they were just like the whites with feelings and emotions, He realized that the troops wanted to go out and die in the battle-field. He also realized how badly the people viewed the blacks. Colonel Shaw had to make a decision and it was not easy but it was one that would not be a success on the battle field but it would be a success for the moral ethics.

This movie was not only made to show of a unique group of soldiers who fought for freedom in the civil war but to change the view of them and to show that they were human in every way just like the white soldiers.

Saint Augustine believed that one archives personal quality and good life through ones relationship with God. Augustine believed that with God, no one can take our self-worth because it is a God-given concept. I think that Robert did change his habits and is beliefs for the better and in fact to change his life and the outcome of his life. St Augustine also believed that no one could take ones self-worth from them and the black soldiers never let that be taken from them they trusted God to keep them safe and allowed no one to take that belief from them. The 54th regimen had to overcome so many things from racism from their own leaders to still being as sub-human , not being given the basic things they needed such as shoes and socks and with all that they had to still prove they could battle during war. They trusted in the Lord and they would sing songs inn his praise while around the fire and prayed, this gave them the strength as a unit and separately to overcome what they were up against and gave them strength for any challenge they may face both on and off the battle field. They knew completely that they had trusted in the lord and he would keep them safe through all they had go through. Colonel Robert stood up for them on many occasions especially when they needed it the most and fought for what they needed and their rights, the biggest fight he had was trying to get shoes and socks for these men . The 54th regimen had to overcome many hardships, but they knew with the lord all was possible and

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