Life Changing Experience
Essay Preview: Life Changing Experience
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As I laid there on the floor bleeding to deaf from the gunshots, I was asking myself “Why did I have to go to the bank today”? I just laid there and could hear people saying, “You are going to be okay, paramedics are on there way.” I just wanted to make a deposit at my bank, but instead as I was walking in the bank some robbers were leaving and they got startled as I came in and shoot me. I felt my body getting weaker and my mind starting to doze off. Thinking to myself if I had never gone on my first big trip I would have never had own my own business and would not have no need to be at the bank making a deposit.

It had been four years since I had graduated high school and had no ambition to getting ahead in life. One day one of my co-workers was telling me how traveling to Europe had changed his life. He said that he had learned a lot about himself from that experienced. Wanting a change of pace in my life I decided that I would go backpacking Europe. I turned in my vacation notice at work, got my passports, bought my backpack and was ready to go. On the day of my leaving, my mom drove me to the airport. Before she dropped me off we hugged each other and she said “Cuidate mucho mi hijo,” saying take care my son in Spanish. As I got on the plane, being the second time I had flown, I was not aware of the magnitude of the plane. The first class seats had seats that actually laid all the way back like a bed. Each chair had a television in front of them that you could watch movies, several other programs, the altitude of the plane, the remaining time of arrival, and the temperature outside the plane. I watched a couple of movies and was surprised when I got back home from my trip that some of the movies they had shown werent even out on dvd yet. I also enjoyed the food they gave and slept a couple of hours especially on my way back since I was a little buzz.

I arrived at London after an eighteen-hour flight and was pretty exhausted from the plane ride but filled with energy from the excitement of being in Europe. I had not booked any places to stay just my travel arrangements. So the first thing I did was go and look for hostels. These places were hard to find and when I did find some they were at full capacity. Who knew that on an average Saturday day in London, most of the accommodations would be filled with tourists. After going to three different locations, I finally found one, which you had to through several alleys to get to. After taking a shower, I went off to explore the city. I saw many of the famous monuments in London like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and even witness the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. There was a huge crowd gather around during the changing of the guards and did not understand why there was a big fuse for guards changing duty.

After exploring all of London with the time I had, I got on a plane and went to Ibiza, Spain. That is a little island located like 75 miles from Spain. Since the island

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