Riordan Needs a System
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System Proposal
Riordan needs a system that will keep track of the entire product on hand, the product being shipped out, the amount of product being requested, the amount of product manufactured, and any profit or loss between the manufactured and sell of the product. The DLCSG system is the answer to Riordans finance and administration challenge. It is designed to keep track of the demand for the product, the amount of product being manufactured, the cost of shipping, the cost of labor, the profit and/or loss margins, etc. This system is the Donald Trump of systems and will not be outdone. Its components will entice and amaze the consumer to maximum capacity.

Information, Components, and Requirements
The financial and accounting information that will be used in this system will be state of the art and will allow Riordan Manufacturing to know who money is going to, what it is being spent on, when, and where it is being spent. Riordan Manufacturing has several operating entities in the United States, which include Georgia, Michigan, and California. They also have a joint interest in the Peoples Republic of China. Each operating entity has its own Finance and Accounting System that is consolidated at the corporate level. Some of the components of each of these systems include: general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order entry, procurement, sales, purchasing, invoicing, shipping, payroll, bar code reading, financial reporting, EDI, and EDSS (Executive Decision Support System). Each of these components comes with their share of challenges in the finance and accounting system because of the different states and countries that are involved. This is where the DLCSG system will ease the burden of the finance and administration challenges at the corporate level for Riordan Manufacturing.

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