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THERE IS EVIL IN HIGH PLACES in America today. There is an evil which has taken our grief over the dead in Oklahoma City and is using it cynically to advance its political agenda. There is an evil which has gradually stripped us of many rights won for us by the blood of our fathers, and which is now using our grief over the innocent dead to manipulate us into giving up those two final strongholds of American freedom, the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution.

This evil is ensconced in the highest offices of our land, and in the media which bring us our picture of the world around us. These two positions in our society ought to be sacred trusts, held only by loyal Americans dedicated to the principles of our founding fathers. We need honorable Americans, loyal only to our people and to our Constitution, to fill the offices of President and Attorney General. But that we do not have. We need loyal and honorable Americans to hold the positions of trust in our media of information, for how else are we to truly know what is happening to our nation? How can we be wisely self-governing if we are not given the truth? Those who are the controlling force in our nations major media are not honorable, they are not Americans, and they have an agenda which for all practical purposes makes them the declared enemies of the American people.

There is evil in high places, ladies and gentlemen, because there has been a revolution in this country and the American people lost. It was a revolution in which the old forms of the American government were retained, but the substance was replaced. You have probably never been told about this revolution. A telling mark of its arrival, though, is the fact that we must now celebrate one of its heroes birthdays as a national holiday, while the heroes of the Old America, like Washington and Columbus, are reviled or quietly forgotten.

The writer Garet Garrett said:
“There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.

There are those who have never ceased to say very earnestly, “Something is going to happen to the American form of government if we dont watch out.” They had forgotten their Aristotle. More than 2,000 years ago he wrote of what can happen within the form, when “one thing takes the place of another, so that the ancient laws will remain, while the power will be in the hands of those who have brought about revolution in the state.””

In the 1960s, Jewish leftists like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman encouraged the storming, occupation, and even bombing of campuses and government facilities by student radicals. These Jews were leaders of what came to be called the “counterculture,” a revolutionary communist beachhead among American youth. They enlisted impressionable students — Bill Clinton among them — in their program. They depraved our young people with drugs, and illicit and interracial sex; they propagandized them into believing that White America was the cause of every social problem. After a few years of this propaganda, young White Americans could be heard applauding enthusiastically when Jewish Marxist Susan Sontag described the White race as a “cancer” on the earth.

They encouragedÐÑthe use of the disparaging term “pig” to describe police officers, with the phrase “Off the pigs!” becoming a rallying cry among the more radical elements of this engineered “youth rebellion.” You know what “Off the pigs” means — it was a call to kill the police, for no other reason than because they were the police. The impressionable students didnt know it, but their “revolution” was planned by an element of the establishment they thought they hated. Their rebellion was part of a larger revolution which was being consummated in American life: the takeover of America by aliens and the traitors who served those aliens.

This alien takeover of America was engineered and executed by the same forces who had slain the Czar and the Russian royal family, and brought the scourge of Communism to Europe. In Russia, they murdered the nobles, independent farmers and businessmen, and the intellectual elite and established an openly revolutionary regime. All persons of proven superiority had to be liquidated there because they could have formed an effective resistance to the new Jewish tyranny. In America, their techniques were different, because the situation was different. In America, they found that these elite classes could be bought or fooled so easily that it was really unnecessary to kill them. They found a ruling class so utterly bereft of a living culture and tradition that literally millions of its sons could be recruited to the Jewish revolutionists cause by the most transparent of sophistries. They found a nation so fatally gullible that it was willing to send its sons to be slaughtered in a war the stated purpose of which was “to end war.” As the late Professor Revilo Oliver has said, they were very much like bank robbers who arrive at the bank to find the guard asleep, the vault left open, and the bank president more than willing to help them for a percentage of the loot. Of course a number of lies have to be told to soothe the concerns of the depositors, and a few who wont shut up might have to be smeared or jailed, but really, that is about all. In the early years, many of the conspirators openly called themselves Communists, but when that label became a liability they dropped it, some dubbing themselves “conservative” or “liberal” or “progressive” virtually overnight. The revolutionists willing instruments were Wilson, the second Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and, willing or unwilling, every other president since 1933. In the 1960s this revolution was not yet complete. The police still embodied, to some extent, the “old order,” traditional American values, resistance to at least some of the revolutionists demands. So they were demonized as “pigs.” “Pigs” that had to be “offed.”

How different is the situation today. The Jewish revolution is now complete. It is now impossible to be elected president, or even to hold any office of real importance, if you are critical of Jews or other minorities.

The Jewish revolution is now complete. Millions of Americans hide their true opinions of the multicultural program to make America a Third World nation, believing that criticizing it might cost them their jobs or their lives.

The Jewish revolution is now complete. No corporation, large or small, dares

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