Essay Preview: Auschwitz
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By Ashley Peacock
January 15, 2007
One May 26th 1940 was when Auschwitz had became a work camp for Jews. Auschwitz was the worst concentration camp compared to all the other concentration camps. It had the largest gas chambers that could hold up to two thousand Jews at a time. Mostly all the workers who had made it to the gas chamber had been gassed. Only some Jews had made it out of Auschwitz alive. The Final Solution had played an important part of this happening. The Nazis had used The Final Solution to exterminate Jews. #The Final Solution consisted of gassings, shootings, random acts of terror, disease, and starvation that accounted for the deaths of about six million Jews — two-thirds of European Jewry.

Hitler had said ” The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human.. #Hitler believed Germans was the master race and superior to others. ” Goebbles had claimed the Jews was going to destroy their culture. The purpose I am writing this paper is to explain what Auschwitz was. The holocaust was the most horrible and tragic event in time. So many Jews died because the hatred of the Germans.

Auschwitz was located west of Krakow in Southern Poland. Auschwitz was broken down into three sections. One section was Auschwitz One which was served as the administrative center for the whole complex. The second section was Auschwitz Two (Birkenau). This section was known to everyone as Auschwitz. #It was the site of imprisonment of hundreds of thousands, and of the killing of over one million people, mainly Jews but also large numbers of Poles and Gypsies. The third section was Auschwitz three which was known as the largest work camp of all the sections.

When the Jews entered they saw a sign, which stated “Labor makes you free. Which was there to make the Jews work hard to get their freedom and to keep them guessing. The Jews were brought to the camps by trains. When they arrived at the camps they were put into lines to see who was useful and who was not. Children was not useful so they killed them as soon as they got there. The elderly was consider not useful so they were killed too. Woman and man who was consider useful was put to work. Man had jobs carrying bodies, putting them in the crematorium, pulling

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