Gen 200 – Procrastination Paper
Essay Preview: Gen 200 – Procrastination Paper
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Procrastination Paper
February 8, 2011
Procrastination Paper
I believe that procrastination would be the largest problem in everyday life that I would like to solve. Procrastination is often explained as an act of delaying something until a later date. While procrastinating is not my only obstacle everyday life, this would definitely be my greatest struggle. Identifying this issue is not a complicated task. There is no question that I am a procrastinator. Although it did not take me but a short while to arrive at this conclusion, it was extremely hard for me to accept this disorder once I figured out what kind of impact it had on my life. When activities that I perform are not accomplished until the absolute last minute, it is self-explanatory what my problem is. There are many ways to solve procrastination once the issue is identified. With a process in place, and a plan in mind, I will be able to improve my ability to complete projects in a timely manner.

Whether I am putting off taking a shower in the morning or brushing my teeth, this is a problem. In the mornings, I wait everyday to iron my clothes, which I know has to be done at the beginning of the week. My children and wife suffer by me choosing to manage my time this way because it means less time spent with them. In addition, I find myself arriving to work and avoiding my scheduled task at all cost until the absolute last minute. My Superior does not think highly of those who possess a lazy work ethic. This will pose a problem for me in the future when I am eligible for a promotion. Whenever I try to move up the corporate ladder in my career field, I must be punctual, efficient, and able to complete task in a moments notice. Lunch also became a problem for me, not eating until four p.m. will through off my entire day, not to mention the health factors involved. The final acceptance came when I realized that I would even put off going to sleep every night. Although this sounds crazy, it would happen because I knew that it had to be done by a certain time. After assessing my problem, I started to put a plan in place to help conquer this disorder.

Procrastination has caused extensive stress in both my personal life as well as my work environment. My wife and children sometimes suffer from my carelessness and ignorance. Putting it off until tomorrow will not cut it forever. If I can resolve this disorder, it will relieve a massive weight off my shoulders. I can no longer afford for this problem to consume my life.

I discovered that procrastination could be overcome by applying time management. This led me to develop a process to stop delaying the inevitable. First, I will make myself a schedule that will reflect daily, weekly,

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