A Flavour Of Contemporary India Monsoons On Screen
Essay Preview: A Flavour Of Contemporary India Monsoons On Screen
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Film director Mira Nair was highly commended for her works on Salaam Bombay- an academy award nominee in 1989 for best foreign film. Now comes Monsoon Wedding that is yet again another enchanting Indian film directed by her. The success of the film was highlighted yesterday at the Venice Film Festival, as it won top prize.

The film, which is set in New Delhi, India, revolves around the Punjabi culture; that is one of ancient tradition. At the same time it also features aspects of Indian society influenced by western culture never been attempted before. Although adapted from fiction, the film brings to life an original idea and screenplay, captivating its audience as it effectively captures the warm-hearted soul of Indian culture at its peak.

The film collectively sweeps its audience into the lives of the upper-middle class Verma family. On the spur of the moment, they deal with final preparations for the upcoming arranged marriage of their daughter Aditi (24) to the son of an Indian family from Texas. As the wedding day draws near, tension rises to meet deadlines, and all fail to notice the brides downheartedness as she is on the recover from a disintegrated love affair with her former boss, Vikram (42). When she starts to accept the arranged marriage, her conscience drives her to meet her lover the day before the wedding in anxiety of becoming a housewife in Texas. Aditi finds herself imprisoned in a cacoon of emotions as she strives to navigate her own future in hopelessness.

Monsoons Wedding explores the themes morality, caste and the apparent theme of love. The idea of the cast-system is portrayed as the elaborate wedding between the upper-middle class families juxtapose with the meagre lower class wedding. The catering contractor Dubey finds himself hopelessly in love with the familys maid Alice. The film skilfully illustrates that although slightly less privileged of luxuries the love between Alice and Dubey is true and far more heart rendering.

The actors adopted their roles very professionally as most of the cast consisted of acclaimed Indian movie stars who are highly trained theatre actors from The National School of Drama. As well as that there were several lesser known television actors and first-timers. Evidently the characters appeared very believable as the intimate handheld camera also assisted with enhancing the genuineness of the scenes.

Monsoon Wedding can be seen as a romantic comedy, family drama or even a musical therefore winning the appreciation of many tastes. On the other hand the film itself may lack appeal from a male or unresponsive audience due to the themes and storyline; having a lot to do with romance and affection. Such a scene is one between Dubey and Alice where cinematography is employed with warm colours and lit candles creating a cosy and romantic atmosphere as it corresponds to what is happening.

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