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You might be asking yourself “who was the first man to circumnavigate the world”? Well his name was Ferdindad Magellan one of the greatest sailors of all time. He was the first man to cross the Pacific Ocean. Ferdinand Magellan was born in about 1480 in Sabrosa of a noble family, and he spent his years as a court page. He was one of the greatest sailors to sale for Portugal. He did some runs for the king but never anything important. He had a love for the open seas and wanted to move on to bigger and greater things. He as a young child always wanted to see the world and be a great explorer like the ones he had heard about. At his first chance he signed up for the army and became a soldier. And in 1506 he was shipped out to the East Indies were he would take part in exploration and some military expeditions. These would take place in Malacca and Moluccas also known as the Spice Islands. In the year 1510 through hard work and acts of bravery he would be promoted to the rank of captain. He returned to Portugal in 1512 and 1513. He was re-stationed to Morocco were he was wounded pretty bad and maimed for life. Due to his situation he requested an increase in his royal salary. But Magellan was denied this increase by the king of Portugal, Emanuel. Emanuel disliked Magellan and did not care for his plans of find a westward passage to the Moluccas. At this point Magellan had had enough of the king of Portugal and he disowned his Portuguese nationality.

In the year 1517 he would offer his services to the king of Spain, Charles I, who would later become known as The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Magellan was known to be a very persuasive person and had good salesmanship skills, He convinced Charles V to find a westward rout to Moluccas. If Magellan could achieve this task Spains wealth would skyrocket past its competing countries. On September 20,1519 Magellan started his great journey to the Moluccas from Sanlucar de Barrameda with five ships. That same year sometime in November he would reach land in South America. In February 1520 he explored the Rio de la Plata estuary. And on March 21, 1520 Magellan and his five-ship fleet would reach port at San Julian. They would not leave San Julian as quick as they thought, they would remain there for six months from disease and other complication. One of Magellans five ships would become wrecked and mutiny broke out among the disgruntled. After there problems were worked out and mutiny settled down the would leave port and find the passage to the Pacific Ocean. He names the rout after himself (the Straight of Magellan) and named the Pacific Ocean after how peaceful and calm it was. But along this trip he lost another ship that had lost faith and deserted he en rout to the Pacific. They had been at sea for 38 days he traveled 330 miles, and on November 28 1520 Magellan reached the Pacific Ocean he only had three ships left out of his original five-ship fleet. They would be the first Europeans to sail across the Pacific Ocean. He would move on to reach the Landron

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