Titanic Case
Titanic was a well written and directed movie. I enjoy watching romance films. The Titanic made me feel like I was living in that time of the year. When people rode ships to travel to one place to the other. Titanic is a movie of romance that hit the movie theater in 1997. It was a love story. The main characters in this romance movie was Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater. The story was based on two people that met on the ship and fell in love with each other. The Titanic was supposed to be a ship that never sink because it was the biggest ship ever made in that time.

There is a scene in the movie Titanic where Rose and Jack are together standing on the tip of the titanic. The ship is moving very fast, and Jack and Rose are together letting the wind glide right through them both, as if they are in their own little world of happiness. The water around the ship is hitting against the sides of the ship as it moves through the ocean.

The lighting on the scene makes the viewers see just Jack and Rose on the ship, close to the ocean. This scene shows true love between two people.
The editing for the titanic was very appropriate for this movie. I think that the movie made people a little confused, because it did not explain what was fiction and non-fiction. It was great that the director decided to put real footage from the real ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean many years ago. Taking the real footage and giving it life through a love story.

The sound was used effective, because you can hear the ocean when the ship was sinking. People were screaming and crying for help. It helps you understand how everyone who died in that ship what they felt at that time.

“The feelings of the score elicit was not good. The score elicit said, “ This is not only a bad movie, it fundamentally immoral one-deceptive, manipulative, offensive. A monument to the moral destitution of our society. Titanic has achieved

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