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People not only use language to provide the resources for the representation of experience,but also use it interpersonally,such as interacting with others controlling their behavior,expressing their own personality,attitude and feeling.This function of language is called the interpersonal function.It embodies all uses of language to express social and personal relations,including all forms of the speakers intrusion into the speech act.This function is realized by Mood,Modality and Key.If we look at this from the point of view of a speaker in a verbal exchange,the commodity that the speaker may be giving or demanding is information.In such cases,the speakers purpose is carried out only,or primarily,through language the speaker makes a statement to give information,or asks a question to demand it;if the listener understand the addressers idea,we say it is successful.So we can get three functions: statement,offer,question,it is evident that these basic functions are closely associated with particular grammatical structures,These are the main choices in the mood system of the clause.Halliday suggests that this is because language is functioning simply as a means towards achieving are essentially non-linguistic ends.As we shall see below,we Introduction

Our human beings use language to communicate, one of the main purposes of communicating is to interact with other people, to convey our ideas, to establish and maintain appropriate social links with them. Hallid–the great founder of functional grammar believe that discourse analysis cant exist without syntax analysis, he sets up the functional grammar to offer a theoretical framework. This kind of framework can help us analyze the discourse in writing or by oral speaking. Interpersonal function is one of the three metafunctions, the other two are ideational metafunction and textual metafunction. Interpersonal function is an important part of the functional grammar and it is also an important theoretical basis of discourse analysis.

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