The Necklace
The Necklace
Guy de Maupassant short story ” The Necklace” uses positive and negative diction to emphasize and allow the reader to understand the feeling Mme Loisel feels while she is attending the party, her fantasy, and while is away from the party, her reality.

Feeling like the “prettiest one”, Mme Loisel “drunk with pleasure” is the absolute “sensation” of the party. All the men just “begging” to be introduced” “took notice” of her which made her fantasy even more of a reality. Mme Loisel felt “fashionable” and like she finally was accepted into this wealthy society she had always dreamed of. Maupassant uses positive diction with in the second and third paragraph to convey his point on her mood, and her excitement during her fantasy. But before she knew it her “sense of complete victory” was about to be crushed.

The moment Mme Loisel left her fantasy, she felt her old self again, reality had sunk in. She didnt want to be seen, afraid of what people might think. So she caught a carriage “ashamed to show her drabness in daylight hours”. They were “dropped” off at their little home in the “Rue des

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