Research and Development Department
You are the senior assistance in the Research and Development Department. Your manager, Mr Chong Kong Meng requires you to prepare a SOP on how to feed the lactating cows. The purpose is to ensure that all general workers and part timers are well equipped with the knowledge of feeding lactating cows and have the ability to carry out the job efficiently. Your reference materials are from the research manuals from your department. Please include the safety personal protective equipment (gloves, working coats and boots) and write down the tools in the SOP. Feeding the lactating cows requires 4 steps; prepare feed bunk, load mixer, mix feed and distribute feed. To prepare feed bunk, feed refusals are swept to the end of the feed bunk first. Then they are scooped into the TMR mixer. In the feeder notebook the weight is recorded. At the steer pen food refusals are distributed in bunk. Next load mixer. To do this, the amount of ingredients to mix stated in the feeder notebook are checked. Protein concentrate from bin#1 is added and IBS is recorded in feeder notebook. Next ground corn from bin#2 is added and then IBS is recorded in the feeder notebook again. Next from bunker#1 corn silage is added and IBS is recorded in the feeder notebook too. Lastly from bunker #2 haylage is added and once again IBS is recorded in feeder notebook too. In mix feed the sub-steps are as follows. For exactly 5 minutes, mix feed. While the mixer is running do not move tractor. Lastly, in the feeder notebook the total amount of feed is recorded. In distribute feed, along the entire length of feed bunk, feed is distributed evenly. Again in feeder notebook, time is recorded. Don’t forget to return tractor and mixer to equipment shed.You are required to complete the SOP and once your manager approves, he will sent to Mr Baskaran Raj, your Deputy Director for endorsement. Your deadline is on 1 December 2015 and the reference number for this document is SOP005/15.

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