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Sentencing Case
This paper analyzes many topics and offers comparison of state and federal objectives of punishment. Later part of this paper discusses the impact of sentencing on the state and federal correction system as well as highlights differences between determinate and indeterminate sentencing.

State and Federal Objectives of Punishment
Both the federal and state objectives of punishment are the penalty or outcomes for offense that an offender committed. The prime objective of punishment is to ensure that the delinquent is passably punished for the crime. Adequate punishment helps in preventing the offense through deterring the criminal and others to commit similar crimes. Similarly, stated that the punishment requires being strict and rigorous enough to make sure the criminal will not commit crime again. The objective of punishment is to provide protection to the society from the criminal by keeping them away from the society, and make an effort to reconcile if this individual desires to change for the better, at heart also to endorse the options of rehabilitation to the criminal that might assist criticize the conduct of the delinquent; however, eventually for the criminal to identify the consequences done to the sufferer of the offense and the society. In today’s modern society, the objectives of punishment are reparation, rehabilitation, incapacitation, retribution, and deterrence (Golash, 2005).

The state objective of punishment is to rehabilitate the criminal and to help them to live a useful and normal life again after they have been sick or ill or in incarceration for a longer period of time. Several states bring into play short-term boot camps to rehabilitate criminals who committed offense for the first time. Such extremely regimented camps are designed to offer criminals the respect for authority and discipline essential to succeed in the community. Some localities and states are experimenting with options to incarceration for offenders of drugs like requirements of work, probation, and treatment. However, rehabilitation is multifaceted idea that involves offense examination and the offender as well as a concern for punishment and social background of the criminal (Scheb, 2013).

On the other hand, the federal objective of punishment is to penalize and discipline the criminal via deterrence. Federal objective of punishment is broadly applicable to punish criminals not merely for the crimes of which they have been found guilty as well as for crimes of which they have not been found guilty. Federal objective of punishment refers that the punishment must prevent other individuals from committing offense. Such punishment sets an example to the rest of the community as well as puts other people on notice that offensive conduct will be penalized. Likewise, specific deterrence refers that

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