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Favourite Sports Wwe
“entertainmaint is not fullfill without watching  sports”My favourite sports is WWE. I fell in love in that sport in the year of 15.Till now i watching wwe and interest  is increasing day by day.wwe has two events ,they are smackdown and raw .now raw was controlling by sthepnie machman and smackdown was controlling by shane machman .i love many superstars in wwe such as john cena ,randy orton,roman reigns,brock lesnar.In these superstars brock lesnar is a dangerous superstar u have everseen.he beaten a record of undertaker .undertaker is a also  a greatest superstar.he is created a record of not beaten superstar as 21-0 .but last year brock demolished that record and made that as 21-1.brock is not only wwe superstar ,he also a greatest ufc champion for 6 times.brock is also named as beast .Iam  a big fan of brock lesnarCEO of this company is triple h .he is also a greatest superstar once a time. wwe headquarter is place in stamford .last year turnover of this company is $24millon. few years before there is only few technics to attack opponent .but now because of practice of superstars .each had a special smacks and blocks against opponents .To win the match there are 2 rules .one is by pinfall  or by submission.they also conduct many interesting matches like heel in the ceel ;where first wrestler came out of cell is a winner,ironman match which means how many number of times they have been win within a given period of timethough many of them ,even my friends teels that wwe is fake .i cannot come from this from watching .its more interesting than cricket and even football.Iam addicted  on watching wwe.and this is my favourite sports i have ever seen!

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