School Days
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School Days
I think back to the moment where I am looking up at a big black stick and concentrating on a smaller black stick getting ready to pass up the bigger one. Tick, Tick, Tick, bllllllinnng! Lunchtime! Those Junior High days were the best, and yet they were the worst. There were many interesting things in junior high that were fun, hard, and memorable. However, the same goes for college. Even more so in the fact that it is maybe more stressful than my earlier days.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of junior high would be the teachers. The teachers would always be in a good mood. Nobody in my class would get out of control to the point were the teacher got upset and would have to send them down to the principle’s office. My teachers always tried to find something fun for the class to do. I had a teacher once tell us “ you guys are what I live for”. That was my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Bissel. She was retiring and was getting pretty emotional when she told my class that. My teachers were always energetic and didn’t care if they got side tracked. Teaching was their life it seemed and they had fun doing it. They really emphasized on getting our homework in on time since that is what are grades mostly consisted of. Most of my teachers were very outgoing and that’s what I loved about them.

Teachers were not the only things I loved about Junior High. We had all kinds of activities for school. My favorite events were the talent shows, a hot air balloon presentation, the monthly raffles, the Mardi Gras parties, and of course the whole day event known as Halloween. Students would absolutely go crazy when we had events like these. My favorite however, was when we had the worlds greatest jump roper in our presence. The whole school would pile in the gym and watch this man Jumping rope with a balloon engulfed aroundhis entire body, including his head! School in Junior High just didn’t seem as important as other things I had going on such as the playoffs for hockey or who I was going to ask to the dance. My favorite was getting out of school early on a Friday to got to Canada, Detroit, or Southbend for a tournament.

Homework was not homework in Junior High, but was more like in-school work. I never got that much homework where I would have to bring it home. Even when I had a paper to write which was rare it was one page on notebook paper in neat cursive, and I finish it in class. There was always an easy out to everything, even my parents believed me when I would fake sick. Our weekly schedule usually started out on a topic for the week, and ended up with a small assignment every day on that topic. We always understood that we were learning because we had to learn. Now I understand why I was an honor roll student.

After graduating from eighth grade, High school flew by so fast that all I could to was smile a t watch it coast by. Now that I go to college, I am hoping these times will be different in a good way. The similarities of school from now and the are ridicously different but still share the one basic principle LEARN!

While I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria at MVCC, I was looking at all the available classes I was able to take. I remember some of my friends telling me who was mean, funny, easy, and boring. However, I ignored all that I just picked what classes best suited my schedule. My teachers in college are not what I expected. I have teachers that are funny and outgoing as long as the teachers that are serious and not to friendly. However I have one teacher that is very deceiving, she always gets off subject. This allows me to think that I don’t need to go the next class, which always ends up screwing me over in the long run. Skipping class was never a potion in Junior High.

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