Life and Future
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It is really complicated, and a bit uncomfortable, talking about my life. It was not a very good one but it does help to start somewhere and I guess the beginning is always best. This paper will be about my childhood, my adulthood, and the future I wish for my child to have. That also includes her not going through the same thing I did as well as the mistakes that I made.

I am the oldest of four and was born in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. An army brat is what I am. My father was very abusive towards me and my sisters at the time. He sexually molested me when I was five and again when I was twelve. Now, my mother is someone who is a very passive human being. She is really quiet and makes it a mission to smile. Even when her day is going horrible. She doesnt even tell us when anything is wrong. I tried to tell her twice throughout my whole life. The fact that I used to be a habitual liar was not very helpful either. I was never believed. My dad walked out on us when I was ten and came back when I was twelve and very rebellious.

My family in general is not very close at all. We saw them about once every four or five years on my fathers side and never saw anyone on my mothers side. My mothers side of the family did not like the fact that a Mexican woman married an African-American man. They made that clear when my mother had sent me to live with my Aunt Sylvia in Texas. My Aunt Sylvia had no problem with me but her children did. I used to get bullied and called a lot of horrible names. Lets just say my mother had to come get me after a month and I was supposed to be there for a year.

Even though I named the bad things first, there are some pretty good and memorable times throughout my childhood. I remember being really little, about two or three, and I was hiding in the dark. Next thing I know I peek around the corner and I am getting splashed in the face with a water gun. My dad came to my rescue once when I was getting bullied by a student in school. It sounds like I dont really have anything to say because good memories are created by, and with, family. And I didnt have that. But now I do.

For the positive side of my life, which is now, I am retired from the military. I got chaptered for pregnancy. My decision was hard to make but I was thinking about Abigail and how I dont want her to have a mother she hardly sees due to deployment and work. I am recently divorced. I just was not happy in my marriage at all. I thought to myself, “I have no family, no friends, a horrible marriage, and I have had enough.”. I made a new family and new friends and I have a wonderful daughter.

My daughter is my positive. I have so much planned and going on for her and me to have a wonderful life together. For one, I am in college. I can get a wonderful job for the degree I am pursuing. I give her anything and everything she possibly needs. She, and my new family, keep

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