Grocery Business in Thailand
Tesco Thailand is the fastest growing market of Tesco Company from all over the world. It is the retailers second-largest international market in the world. Tesco Thailand has tried many ways to reach people in many local areas such as create a shopping mall that includes Tesco Lotus in the mall. It also created Tesco Lotus Express, which is a small Tesco Lotus store that is located in a small village or near the road that has many residents living nearby. People can walk to spend their money easily. In 2012, Thailand has more than 1,000 Tesco Lotus stores and more than 100 Tesco Lotus Express stores. Tesco Thailand also has the leading market share of about 14.5 percent. The latest channel that Tesco Thailand has created involves a new way to make online shopping delivery service more convenience to customers. Tesco Lotus online grocery business is a new way of choice for the customer. In this research report, I will find out that in what ways can Tesco expand its online grocery business in Thailand.

Tesco Lotus online delivery service provides more than 20,000 grocery products. It includes food and non-food products. They just launched shopping online delivery service last month. They provide to five stores in Bangkok that deliver and will expand delivery service to all cities in Thailand soon. Christie (2013) states Tesco Lotus has “specially trained personal shoppers to pick the best products and deliver them to customers at the time customers choose. Product quality is also on the top of customers minds. So, we have invested in specially designed delivery vans that can keep fresh, chilled, and frozen products in good condition from stores to customers door steps.”

Tesco Lotus shop online provides many food products such as fresh food, dairy and bakery, dry grocery, beverages, snacks, and desserts. They also provide non-food products such as products for health and beauty, baby and kids, household, home and electrical, pets, and miscellaneous. In shopping online delivery, you can get your order the next day. Tesco Lotus delivery time is from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. They will pick up your items on the same day of delivery. You also can turn back your unwanted items to the driver when its arrived. You can pay by cash or card. You will pay after you get your items.

Supermarkets in Thailand have grown rapidly in last few years. There are many supermarkets in Thailand in nowadays such as Tesco Lotus, Tops, Carrefour, Big C, Foodland, and so on. Thai people pay attention to these supermarkets even more because the companies have a strategy that attracts people to spend money in their supermarket. The most important factor that leads people to choose to spend their time in the supermarket is because of the air-conditioning. Thailand has high temperatures almost all year round. Many people dont want to waste their money by turning on air conditioning in their home, so

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