Diversity Between American and Czech Cultures
Diversity Between American and Czech Cultures
Diversity between American and Czech Cultures
Comparing two different countries creates many disparities and similarities. History, government, and cultural help define each nation separately on an international level. Understanding the habits of the citizens of each country helps give a clear definition of the society. Incorporating all of these factors creates the identity of a country. For individuals who enter a country from the outside, adjusting to the habits of the society can be very trying. For Steve, his prior knowledge and familiarity with the Czech Republic will give him an upper hand in a foreign country, but an individual will quickly discover that knowledge may not be enough to survive.

It is Steves desire to open up a pizza shop in the Czech Republic. He is very familiar with the country because of his ancestry and his family ties. He already has two positive aspects on his side. In addition to his familiarity to the country he can also speak the language. He is entering a market where he has the possibility of succeeding because of his knowledge in these basic factors. There are however, a few things that Steve needs to understand before he enters this new market.

When Steve worked and lived in America the society and culture was very different. America has a very liberal culture than that of the Czech people who have a more traditional home life. In America, the cultural is very fast pace and traditionally convenience hails over other options. Convenience is applied in every aspect of Americans lives. Meals have been resorted to the quick and simple and many Americans will choose to dine at the usual burger or pizza fast food restaurant. “The abundance of fast-food restaurants in the United States would seem to indicate that the national foods are hamburgers, french fries, pizza, and chicken. While these foods are popular among most segments of the population, they reflect a busy lifestyle as much as preference,” (United States of America, CultureGrams). In addition, to consuming convenient food choices everyday, Americans also have appetites to explore new cultures and cuisines. “Most Americans are open to trying new foods, and the culture easily adapts to new tastes,” (United States of America, CultureGrams). Pizza shops cohere to the want of convenience by many Americans, and Steve could experience much success in the American market.

American diversity spans from the dinner table into every aspect of its society. “The United States has the worlds largest, most diverse and most technically advanced economy,” (United States of America, CultureGrams). These advances help the United States stay on top of the economic scale. With a strong economic system, Steve would manage to overcome any hardships he may face in his business. “The service sector employs more people than manufacturing, but the United States remains a world leader in industry and high technology. It exports capital goods, cars, consumer goods, food, and machinery. It also exports pop culture (e.g., movies, music, television, fashion, sports), which fuels demand for American goods,” (United States of America, CultureGrams).

Coming from a country with a strong economic and diverse culture may create many challenges for Steve when he enters the Czech Republic. As a society, the Czech Republic tends to stay focused on the importance of family. Many women do the cooking in every household, and Czech normally keep eating as a private matter, “Czechs eat three meals a day and often a midmorning snack. On weekends lunch is the main meal while dinner and breakfast are light. However, during the week, children eat at school and adults usually eat at work,” (Czech Republic, CultureGrams). These habits may affect Steves business when it first opens. Czechs also do not tend to rely on fast food as much as Americans do, and they rarely eat out, “Most Czechs do not dine out often,” (Czech Republic, CultureGrams). Foods like pizza and hotdogs tend to be considered snacks instead of a stable in their everyday cuisine, “Hotdogs and pizza are popular snack foods that can be purchased from sidewalk vendors,” (Czech Republic, CultureGrams).

Steve does however have an advantage because competition may not be high in the Czech Republic. Since pizza is viewed as a snack, it will

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