Fast Food Nation
Essay Preview: Fast Food Nation
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AuthorЎЇs Purpose:
The author wrote this book to tell America that the fast food business is not what they think it is. They donЎЇt know whatЎЇs behind a cheese burger or the fries. Eric Scholosser came and told the truth behind the ÐŽoreal deals.ÐŽ± He opened peopleЎЇs eyes about what goes behind the counters at your favorite fast food joint. He visits the labs where scientists re-create the smell and taste of everything – from cooked meat to fresh strawberries; talks to the workers at abattoirs with some of the worst safety records in the world; explains exactly where the meat comes from and just why the fries taste so good; he also see how fast food changes not only the people, but culture, economy, and the workforce.

The authorЎЇs particular audience are people who eats fast food, adults plays big roll on their kids, they need to know why fast food isnЎЇt good for their children, and the teens, who makes up 80% of the workforce in fast food industry, telling why they should stop working there. ScholosserЎЇs participation in events that is not widely accepted by the geographical community which will be the fast food industry, even though it isnЎЇt a community, it is considered a large group of people that are denying the facts and covering them up with lies. The author

This book is about one man telling the truth behind the lies. Eric Scholosser started the story by the history of fast-food business. Aftermath of World War II, entrepreneurs like Ray Kroc, founder of McDonaldЎЇs and Carl Karcher of the CarlЎЇs Jr. chain thought that they can make something delicious for the Southern CaliforniaЎЇs expanding population in a manner that would fit the generation of automobile, and of course, big profit. As more and more franchises open nation and worldwide, things got out of the hands. Schlosser presents charges against the fast-food companies and their practices: marketing to children, establishing the indentured bondage of franchising, manipulating a minimum-wage workforce which includes young, unskilled, recent immigrants by without even providing medical benefits, perpetuating turnover to deter unionization, and they are taking full advantage of government subsidies without even providing training for their employees. These are just few of the strategies to make the high

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