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Family ViolenceSarah SmithBSHS 406January 16, 2017Meredith SharpFamily ViolenceFor generation after generation children have been introduced to alcohol.  Many parents drink with their children when they become of age to drink.  Alcohol is legally and socially acceptable. It is part of our American way of life and is a disease-causing problem in the life cycle.  This report will discuss a historical perspective on how alcohol and family violence have been impacted by legislative changes, the impact of alcohol abuse on both the addicted individual and the victims, the impact of family violence on both the perpetrator of family violence and those exposed to family violence, Intervention methods, which could be applied to this family in crises and How the family rituals may affect the family member in crises. Historic Perspective and Legislative ImpactAlcohol is the drug of choice for many yet rarely do they see it as a disease that can destroy them and their families lives. Alcoholism is a disease and in wreaks havoc on a family. Family violence is something no one should have to suffer from and no child should have to witness. Violence to a family member is called Domestic violence.  Domestic violence is any abuse to a child, parent or elder, or intimate partner. This abuse isn’t just physical it can verbal and written threats as well as stalking. Legislative have changed many laws in the hope to keep families and children safe during epoxides of violence due to alcohol.  Yet, for many years the police and court system could do nothing in regards to this violence.  At a time, these issues were treated as family affaires and where to be dealt with as such meaning the family would handle the issue.  Many cases where the police were called their hands would be tied or the family would turn them away after calling.  Now there are more stricture laws protecting batter women, children, and men.  These laws allow more aggressive punishments for abusers.  Most people believe that the alcohol and other substance abuse are the leading causes of domestic violence but in some cases, the abusers rely on their addictions as an excuse for becoming violent.  Alcohol doesn’t just hurt that person’s family but has been known to hurt other families as well through Drunk driving.  Legislative have passed many laws like those against drunk driving, in efforts to protect innocent people along with the drunk drivers. The legislative pass laws to prevent the affects alcohol has on the user and those around.How Addiction Changes lives        For the addict the addiction can rip everything they have worked for away.  Divorce, fines, loss of job jail, sickness, and denial are all ways that alcohol addiction can affect the alcoholics life.  The tantrums, aggression and violence are used to tear a marriage or other relationships apart.  Alcoholism has caused many to lose their jobs since they can no longer perform their job duties because they are intoxicated.  Most job have policies about working while under the influence and if caught may cost you your job.  There is always the chance of going to jail while intoxicated to many legislative laws.  If you are caught drinking while driving or just walking while intoxicated, you can be fined or even imprisoned.  DUI or DWI, depending on the state, is a law to prevent those drinking from driving.  If it’s your first offence you can be charged with just a ticket and should pay a fine, this law can also lead to jail time. Denial is harmful to alcoholics because the affects that the user maybe feeling want see an end until the person desires the change. One major affect that alcohol has on its users is the harm it can do to the body.  Alcohol can cause things like liver cancer, Kidney failed, and even pancreas cancer.  Sickness doesn’t only hurt the user but devastates the entire family.

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