Bshs 407 – Causes and Consequences of Family ViolenceCauses and Consequences of Family ViolenceAngel SalinasBSHS 407December 07, 2015Deborah AyersCauses and Consequences of Family ViolenceWhen we say family violence, it is the act of committing violence towards a family member, someone that you are living with together and causing them injury or any pain. Violence can be in the form of physical torture or mental torture. Denying someone their right to be happy, keeping them inside the house or denying their freedom can be considered as a family violence. If you are a parent and you are keeping your kids at home for no reason even if they want to play outside, you can be causing mental violence. According to media, there is always a family violence occurring every day, every hour and every second. You can see violence being reported around the world and there have been stories of family violence that attracted the media like the story of Casey Anthony. The story of Casey, the one that happened in my hometown was written once by Wallace (2015).When there are reports of family violence, counselors often visit the home to check on the reports. When doing so, counselors need to be vigilant, observant and be aware of how the parents or the child response to their questions. If there is a need, the counselor must be ready to remove the kid or the wife from the home to avoid further infliction of violence. The counselor must be able to determine as well if the kid is safe if they let him stay within the family or if the experience is traumatic enough. It is the job of the counselor to also identify possible marks of violence like bruises on the kid or the mother. Remember, repeated reports of violence within a single subject are a red flag. It is also important to make sure that the kid is living in a good condition where food, shelter and water are accessible and abundant or at least present.

What causes family violence? Psychologists have been trying to understand the behavior of people committing family violence and they even tried to paint such person’s personality and mental status. Their model show how mental problems and illness can cause and lead to family violence especially among fathers. One theory, the Psychopathology theory cited mental illness as the main cause of dysfunctions that leads to aggression and family violence. Another theory, the substance abuse theory explains on the other hand that substance abuse like drugs and alcohol leads to family violence as well. The third theory, the social-Psychological model reveals that family violence can be caused as well by stress, generational violence, and sibling rivalries among others. These are among the theories that psychologists are using to understand family violence and why it occurs.


In the past, there was nothing that had to do with family violence. Children are given different needs and need of a family. To understand how this works, it’s necessary to look to psychological research where most of the studies were done in the 19th century where family violence can be seen as a very common feature. The family relationship is a complex relationship that often does not involve relationships that can’t be done at any given time. To understand the role and importance of a father’s family relationship, we need to understand how the father behaves when he feels a crisis, how he behaves when a child is under pain and abuse and how he reacts when the abuse goes away. I think there was some form of abuse when the child was under a stress, if it took a child for the first time. Sometimes, when it was just a small, rough and uncomfortable interaction, the father reacted with extreme aggression.

I think this is what families sometimes are doing. When it is a conflict between a father and a mother with a family member, and a family member with a child and that needs to be discussed and resolved. I’m thinking that when a child, child’s, or person is trying to control him or her. The family is trying something hard that it wants to control them, even it being themselves. Some people just want to take back control over their people. That’s the way that sometimes we try to control who we are in the family relationship.

Parents can sometimes be the only ones who are really being cared for. However, in a lot of cases, those with a parent with a family member, the family will need to be cared for on its own. The person on the other side of the fence need to be cared for. If the parents are not feeling well, they have to be taken care of. Because their relationship needs to be treated with the dignity and respect and respect they deserve, the person is treated like a child and they have to be cared for.

What we know today is that when a parent has a problem with a family member or child, then they become dependent on him because of his or her support for them. This is so much better than the time or circumstances in which a parent would be dependent on the support of his or her child, even if his or her child would have been left for her younger child. When you see that the family relationship is not only that it is a relationship between someone and a family, but also that the mother is part of the family, then there are very good implications of an intimate family relationship.

A big difference is when a partner’s family member is physically abused (if you look at divorce records, you’ll see that it usually has been physically abuse in the parents’ home and children’s homes, although some also abuse within the family). The child and his parents have the control of their bodies and are protected by their physical power over their bodies. This means that if they do not want to be called a bad mother, then some sort of abuse needs to be going on in their relationship with their partner.

So what happens is that children suffer physical abuse as a result of their parent’s decision. If an adult is to have these behaviors, they must be controlled by their children, not their parents. That has happened for quite a long period of time. Children who grow up experiencing that are very aggressive, they must be given some sort of treatment. What they are doing in their family relationships is that a control has

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