The Silver Eyes
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The Silver Eyes
Charlie, Marla, Jessica, Lamar, Carlton, John, and Michael in 1987 had a birthday party for Michael at Fazbears pizza when the incident happened. They call it the bite of 87 when an animatronic went haywire and killed Michael at Fazbears pizza. In 1995 Charlie returns to her childhood home in Hurricane, Utah to attend a scholarship dedicated to her friend Michael.

Charlie reunites with her childhood friends Carlton, Jessica, and John to visit the place Michael died; Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza which is a family restaurant Charlies father once owned. A unfinished mall was built in its place but the group of friends discovered that the restaurant is still standing. So they decide to break in and explore the abandoned restaurant.

They find the animatronic mascots Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the bunny, and Chica the chicken had been left behind. The next day Charlie and her friends attend the scholarship launch ceremony at their old school. After Michael’s parents give a speech about him, John tells Charlie that he remembers seeing a strange person in a yellow Freddy costume at Fazbears pizza on the day of Michaels death, and he thinks that was Michael’s killer. That night Charlie John Carlton and Jessica return to the restaurant with their friends Lamar and Marla with her 11-year old brother

Jason. They find a functional control panel that makes the animatronics move, Then Charlie finds a fourth animatronic Foxy the pirate fox that cuts her arm with his hook. The next evening the friends go to Fazbears pizza again but gets caught by the mall security guard dave, he threatens to call the police. So charlie offers to let dave go with them in the restaurant after he accepts the friends get distracted by the control panel dave gets a yellow Bonnie costume from a closet and takes

Carlton which jason saw the group quickly leaves to get officer dunn just to find the doors been locked and chained while they were gone.
Officer Dunn returns to the mall the next day to search the restaurant and was killed by dave. Charlie and john find a newspaper article about sammys kidnaping with a picture of dave who identifies as the restaurants co-owner. In the restaurant Dave has Carlton trapped in one of the costumes and Dave explains how some can convert into a robot with “spring locks”. Then they find out that Dave is a deranged psychopath that is responsible for the death of sammy Michael and four other kids.

Violence is a horrible thing that us as a society has gotten used too. Its no longer shocking or crazy to see nor hear about, in fact now we love it and its entertaining our lives is full of violence and some people dont even

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