Essay title: Dianne
Dianne Bangerter
You wouldn’t really think that an Aquatic specialist would be awesome, would you? Well, in my case, I make everything AEWSOME! I went from Utah to Oregon, from good parents to a good parent

Myself. I am Mormon; I keep my standers and values. I always take care of everything and everyone. I am a natural leader. However, since I am so highly favored no one can get enough of me! The reason I

picked Dianne was because, she is so awesome and she’s like best friend only older, so she knows what im going through and she’s just so nice and I really look up to her.

Dianne was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her dad was born in Salt Lake City as well. Her mom was born in Henefer, Utah. When Dianne got older she got married and had two boys, Chad and Jake.

Dianne and her family believe that they should eat atleast one meal a day together. The family gathers together with extended family on holidays. Dianne and Bruce (Bruce is her husband) tried to raise their kid

the best way fit. Tried to teach them to serve the Lord and the community, also to be nice, kind, and respectful. They are very religious.
Some of their family holiday traditions are using 6-foot stockings. Not only are they big but also they put funny goods in them, like the following: tooth paste, toilet paper, and toothbrush. Mostly toiletries. When Dianne was younger her life was pretty positive. Her parents were

Supportive. Back then parents weren’t the nicest, they still aren’t. Dianne was lucky to have fun-loving parents. He mother did everything. Her parents taught her good values. Being a teenager is hard no

matter what year it is, but her parents made it so she was comfortable in her home. Most parents don’t make it that way. She had good friends

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