The Negative Effect on Family Divorces
Essay Preview: The Negative Effect on Family Divorces
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The Negative Effect on Family Divorces
In today’s family, Divorce has become a long way and has changed dramatically in our community. Divorce has become a more acceptable and common in families. However, divorce has not become a positive thing yet, it still remains negative. Some of the negative effects that divorce has on a family are: emotionally, financially and disruption of children’s lives.

The first negative effect of a family divorce is emotionally. During the process of a divorce, every member of the family goes through an emotional period where it is considered or might be taken as an emotional crisis. Because a divorce breaks a family apart and they become a broken dream of two couples that have started out with hopes and dreams for a future together that came to an end. Divorce can make a person depressed and becomes isolated from others. This might lead dramatic change in eating habits that will need medical attention.

The second negative effect on divorce will arise is financial concerns. In order to get divorced, depending on the situation a family might need to hire a divorce lawyer in order to resolve the dispute that is between the spouses. As it is for a fact lawyers are not cheap because there rates are extremely high and might not be affordable for everyone. A divorce lawyer is needed in a divorce to help divide any assets the couple share and also create a custody agreement of the children.

Thirdly, the most important negative effect that divorce will have on a family and should be taken into serious consideration is the disruption that divorce will create on the children’s lives. Often, during a family divorce, parents do not think of anything but themselves and what is in the best of interest for them, and how to get the most out of the divorce financially. However, the parents do not take a moment to think about how their

children’s lives will be affected. They might think what is best for them but do not know how they feel. Children often in a divorce blame there selves for what has come to happen and they feel out of place. Moreover, sometimes they do not know which parent to follow, and if they do, they think the other parent

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