Factors of Depreciation Value of Rupiah Currency 2015
Factors of Depreciation Value of Rupiah Currency 2015Melisa SanjayaSubmitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the English IV Course(008201300059)November 19, 2015AcknowledgementsI would like to thank my English IV Lecturer for his advice, Mr. Daniel John Blanchett, for the valuable advice and support he has given me in the writing of this report. I would also like to thank to the people that I cannot said one by one for the contribution to this Paper. My deepest thanks go to parents, for their love, understanding and support.AbstractThis paper was to know the factors that causes the depreciation value of rupiah in 2015. My English IV course lecturer, Daniel John Blanchett, requested to do this paper. It was requested on second week of meeting, September 15, 2015. The investigation was done by researching through internet to gather the data and possible factors. The main findings were that the causes of depreciation value from external was U.S. and from internal was deficit of current account. It was concluded that U.S. have strong influence in global economy and the country will have strong foundation if the current account is not deficit. The recommendations are that for U.S. I think we cannot help it since it was the super power country, but for internal country od Indonesia there should be coordination between the people inside government, government should do more export in other industry area, government should be firm in deciding and make some policy to appreciate the rupiah.

Table of ContentsCover PageiAcknowledgement1Abstract2Table of Content3Introduction4Literature Review5Methodology8Findings9Conclusion13Recommendations14Bibliography15Appendix16IntroductionCurrency is a tool that used by every countries to symbolize its money value as the main trading in buying and selling, such as US dollar (USD), Euro, and Indonesia Rupiah. Currency also symbolize whether money can be used or not. The use of money sometimes is limited by the country. For example, when we are in Indonesia, we cannot do the buy and sell activity with the US dollar money, instead we should change US dollar into Indonesia Rupiah currency. Although I said that one country use one currency, there are also some countries who share or use the same currency, such as countries in Europe are using Euro as their currency.

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