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This week you will explore and share your technical knowledge as part of building your digital identity. Go share on your blog (and maybe practice on the Facebook group first) what you already know how to do with online tools. What tools are you good at? For supporting what kinds of activities? What would you be willing to teach others? What can you do or what do you know about the other groups “unmet needs” they have defined for their NGO? Can your expertise be of use to them? Do some skills/needs “matchmaking” and tap the power of the group. Please post this by Tuesday at midnight.

Hello everyone,
This weeks blog will be focusing on the online aspect of our lives. As we know, nowadays technologies are all around, so they become “necessity” rather than a luxury. In order to stay in touch with family and friends, to keep up with the current world situation, people have been using different technologies. Thanks to the internet we are able to be share information and communicate fast and easy. With the popularization of the social networks, today, it is a “must” to have a social profile and basically to represent your identity there. For example, in our university we have a selection of social network groups for the dissimilar tasks in class, so without having a profile on Facebook or other required social network, it becomes impossible to successfully graduate.

However, internet deserves to be at the place it is, occupying leading positions of societys priority list, since it have been improving and facilitating that much our lives so far. I am happy, that I am capable of contacting all my close persons right away, for almost no money, and I can stay informed 24/7.

Different social networks must and are used for different activities and purposes. I personally have been using facebook in order to contact with family, friends and simplify my communication with school mates. On facebook people could expose latterly all their lives: relatives, close people, what their preferences regarding every aspect of the life are, where they are going, what they are currently working and so on and so on. I believe that the actual border between the privacy and the public has been

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