Alcohol Viewed Through the Eyes of Raymond Carver
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Alcohol Viewed Through the Eyes of Raymond Carver
Some people feel that alcohol is a substance that can be used to escape reality and live in a world where there are no dilemmas or problems that must be solved. Whether the alcohol is abused or just used in moderation, many people are drawn to the several aspects it has to offer. One example of someone who follows these characteristics is the very famous and talented writer, Raymond Carver. Raymond’s use of alcohol is clearly displayed not only through his writings, but in his daily lifestyle. It is a general understanding that in many writers’ works, a small portion of how they live their lives are influenced and portrayed through their stories. Having stated this, two very distinct stories of Raymond Carver eloquently display how alcohol has had an impact on his life.

The first story that allows the reader to have an inside look at the effects of alcohol on Carver is “What We Talked About When We Talked About Love.” In the beginning of the story, it seems as if all the characters are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Their casual drinking assists them in their conversations, as they appear to be completely sober and in control of their actions. As their discussion grows deeper and more complex, their consumption of alcohol increases at an even faster rate. Carver intends to show his readers the difference in the way the characters act when they are sober, compared to the way they act when they are intoxicated. It seems as if they become more comfortable in the dialect of their conversation when they consume more alcohol. This is probably extremely similar to they way Carver lives his own life, more creative and diverse only when he has been drinking alcohol. As the story continues and the characters become more intoxicated, a strong similarity between Carver’s life and the end of the characters conversations are ultimately revealed. When the alcohol is gone and there is nothing left to drink, a sense of emptiness and incompleteness occurs among both the characters and the writer. From Carver’s perspective, when he has finished drinking he becomes thoughtless and unable to continue the story by concluding with an ending. Likewise, the characters become quiet and unable to continue movement and conversation once they noticed that there is no more alcohol to drink. Through this story, Carver has allowed his readers to imagine the state of mind he is in during the time he is drunk, all the way until he has nothing left to drink and is left feeling lost and incomplete with his life and stories.

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