Social Issues the Mills Is Intended to Address
The Mills Case Study NameInstitutional AffiliationThe Mills Case StudySocial Issues the Mills Is Intended to AddressRevitalization of former cotton factories by offering support for startups in textile and fashion with the aim of encouraging innovation and creating jobs while maintaining the historical textile background that contributed to the growth of Hong Kong. The Mills tackles the issue of unemployment that had characterized the youths in Hong Kong and affected those who lost jobs when textile industries fell and also change the historical perspective of the city.

Corporate Assets and Expertise of Nan Fung Applied to the MillsNan Fung invests capital amounting HKD $700 million on Mills and its expertise in property development in the revitalization of Mills. Business Opportunities the Mills Generate for Nan FungThe Mills may generate several business opportunities for Nan Fung, especially through Fabrica, the platform that hosts entrepreneurs. Nan Fung gets opportunities to invest in new startups that not only revolutionize the future in design and technology but also generate income. Nan Fung can identify financial ideas with the expectation of high returns. Nan Fung can generate revenue in the form of rent by providing leases for retailers to operate in Shopfloor.

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