Impacts on Increasing Guests Complaints
Impacts of Increasing guests complaintsCustomers:From the perspective of the customers, the increase of the guests’ complaints will worsen their impression towards the company since they dissatisfied with the resorts’ service.The Company:This will directly bring negative impacts to the company as the reputation will be declined. And the customers would rather choose other resorts on BVI instead of Yacht. As a result, this will reduce the revenue and profitability of the company.Expatriate managers:Besides, the increase of guests’ complaints may urge the expatriate managers to adapt an even harsh management policy and resulting a worse working relationship.Local StaffImpacts of Tension between expatriate managers and local staffCustomers:The Company:The will disturb the daily operation and directly worsen the working performance. As the poor relationship between the expatriate and the local, the policy and the command issued by the expatriate may not be effective. Therefore, this will lower the efficiency of the operationExpatriate managers:Expatriates will be unwilling to be transferred to work in the resort since it difficult to lead the locals to complete the assigned tasks which may be adverse to their career path.Local Staff:Local staff will be unwilling to be leaded by the expatriate as they think that    the expatriate have bias on the local and use an inappropriate management style.Impacts of low staff motivationCustomers:As the employees keep a poor morale, they will not have qualified performance in daily operation. And this will lead a dissatisfaction with the service by the resort

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