Research Methodology Background
As an export agent, your company receives two clients. First client is a small company involve in producing Malaysian traditional chips made from tapioca and banana. The client is not well verse in exporting and therefore would like some early advice on how to go about exporting. He has been given some information by Malaysian agencies such as Ministry of International Trade (MITI), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) bank and etc. The information is still not enough to convince him and he would like more information. Advise him.        An expanding number of organizations are headed to consider sending out on account of expanding globalization or the new exchanging opportunities that the Internet has given. In truth, there are numerous and shifted purposes behind an organization to begin sending out. Advantages include increasing your income and benefit by growing your business which is frequently the most clear motivation to trade your merchandise and administrative. Besides, protection from local market fluctuations. A downturn in one country’s or even continent’s economy is not usually replicated worldwide. The wider the base that you take business from, the better. Through exporting it could stabilize your annual workflow. Many businesses experience seasonality if they concentrate on only one market, but this effect can be lessened by broadening your horizons. For example, selling your summer-friendly products in hotter climates throughout the winter period. Last but not least, by finding a business opportunity for your item. A traditional item in the United Kingdom may be an extraordinary achievement somewhere else.It is as often as possible contended that offering abroad is less gainful than offering to the home business sector. Despite the fact that the facts may prove that your benefit per unit or administration sold may diminish with your extension, it is likewise genuine that numerous organizations are significantly more gainful general in light of the fact that they have extended past the United Kingdom.Truthfully, the key for successful export does not really necessarily to set a plan. However, it is one of the important criteria of successful exporting including market selection, concentration on market and consumer, the management and good quality control also, do not forget a little good luck with perfect timing. Therefore, when the opportunity meets the planning, that is how we define export success.         The first step is to expand the tapioca and banana chips plan. Plan the business to develop the operations in specific country for instance, Canada since it is a very useful template regarding to the export strategy. It consider any affects in constraining the time zone differences and also the distance between the boarders. This is because it can influence the demand as it include the method of preparation and delivery to the market. Also, the client should consider the factors that will influence such as language in communicating with the third party and also with the consumers. Besides, do not forget to double check on the cost of research and development, planning and also ensure the cost of staying in and expand the market to not exceed the certain limits. Anyhow, planning at first will be the best option as you will set the direction on what’s the next strategy should be used.

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