Hcsi 140 Week 5
Arnulfo RenteriaUniversity of PhoenixHCSI/140 Week 511/28/2016EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the transfer of data from one computer system to another. Here at Premier Medical Center this particular method is what we use very often in order to transfer patient data and information in a secure manner. Not only does using the EDI method secure a patients information but it also makes the transfer process easier and quicker. This data transferring method is also used for our billing purposes. Over the years we have witnessed technology expanding and growing overnight.   Mainly benefiting from this change would be the health care field. This has been the most talked expansion in the healthcare field that we know of today. Imagine doing things one way and then waking up the next day and working in a whole new system. New medical developments as well as techniques have changed the face of healthcare.  With the medical system expanding health care managers and many other providers have been able to prove to the world that they can still provide the best patient care.

As the Executive Director here at Premier Medical Center it is up to our team members to make sure all of our new hires are properly trained and educated on some of our new technological changes some of which are very popular here at our community. The EDI process (Electronic Data Interchange) In the new paperless office of healthcare it is very common for data to be transferred electronically. EDI allows the safe travel of information to be transferred electronically. Most common forms of EDI are used for billing and invoices as well as the transfer of patient records and information.  These transfers can be sent from medical providers to payers or to other providers. The process allows medical providers to be able to access patient records in a timely manner. It also helps on time management rather than having to wait for it through mail. You are able to receive the data electronically, which would be the safest way to receive this information. Insurance agents are also able to benefit from this gives them the opportunity to be able to process insurance claims faster.

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