Political Science
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What part of the U.S. Constitution creates the President?
Article II, Section I
What are the qualifications to become president of the U.S.?
Must be a natural born US citizen
Must be 35 years or older
Must have been resided in the US for at least 14 years
What are the president’s terms originally?
They are guaranteed a four year term
What part of the U.S. Constitution limited his terms?
The 22nd amendment limits them to two terms
What is the president’s salary?
What are the president’s Constitutional powers?
They have national security, legislative, administrative, and judicial powers
How have presidents historically expanded their power?
They expanded the presidential responsibilities and political resources.
Give examples of the expansion of presidential power.
For example, Jefferson was the first leader of a mass political party, Lincoln mobilized the country for war and FDR/Wilson developed the role of the president as manager of the economy.

How is the president chosen (what is the process)?
What is the line of presidential succession should the president die, according to the Constitution?
According to the Constitution, the Vice President will act as President until a President is elected.
What is the president’s War Power?

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