Humans and the Environment
Essay Preview: Humans and the Environment
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Humans and the Environment
Celeste Kuahuia-Halena
SCI 230
Laura Leverton
February 28, 2012
Humans and the Environment
In ecological terms, human encroachment describes human invasion of territories, habitats, and ecosystems of other species. The impact of human encroachment is usually devastating. An increase in human population is a major cause of encroachment upon the lives of other species. Due to the increase in human population urban development is spreading and more people are using up all the open lands, destroying habitats in the process. Drilling for oil or other resources also destroys ecosystems around the world. These are also examples of human encroachment.

It is difficult to create a balance or find a suitable compromise when trying to consider human needs versus the environment. There are many advocates to save the environment, but it is never really unanimous. Some environmental groups will talk about how to contribute to saving the environment but often they have their own agendas or something to gain other than just helping the environment. Trust has become a large issue in society, and no one trusts anyone enough to just make changes. On the other hand, we might have an organization that is fighting to save humpback whales, but there may be a culture that has been dependent on the blubber of humpback whales for centuries. Hunting is one of the main reasons the number of humpback whales and many other large predator species have been depleting (Wildlife Conservation Society). So what would be the lesser evil here? Do we continue hunting and save one species by sacrificing the other? Another example of a problem with competition is the man-made landscapes built by humans with the intentions of using fewer resources later down the road. The immediate cost is that they will destroy a natural landscape and habitat in the process. Of course, there is a profit to be made with these imitation landscapes. So to conserve resources in the long run is it okay to eliminate species in the process? Another example of a competing group is the domestic animals and wild animals. With more development and human encroachment, there is a large increase in the number of domestic animals. Humans fear most wild animals and do whatever is necessary to eradicate them. The destruction of wild animal habitats is forcing these animals to migrate to other places in search of new homes. Their numbers are declining rapidly because if they are not eradicated then they cannot find a suitable home, or food. How can we create a balance here? I think everything should be in moderation. This is not something simple to accomplish but awareness is an important part of creating

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