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The population at Evins Regional Juvenile Center is youths from the age of 15 to 20 years old who have committed a delinquency. They are all males majority of the population is Hispanic, with a median age of commitment at 16. They have committed serious crimes like aggravated assault, gang involvement, and burglary to drug substance abuse.

Overall population of the youth committing crime 90% were males. There was a total of 35% who are in there for committing crimes because of the gang they were in or during a confrontation with another gang. 40% of the youth at Evins Regional Juvenile Center were identified as having special needs. Who is to blame for this the youth the parents, should they even be there if they require special needs. Lots of youth are here trying to fight their addiction to drugs, 39% were in need for drug substance abuse treatment. 76% of the youth had parents who never married or who divorced or separated.

35% had a history of being abused or neglected; this is usually abuse with in the family. 62% came from low-income homes, which is mainly because the parents spend their time working trying to supply for their kids. While they are doing this the kids are busy looking for trouble. 54% had families with histories of criminal behavior, this is not always right but the kids do have a greater risk to follow the same food steps as the parents. This is unbelievable but 49% of the youth were in juvenile court on two or more felony-level offenses before being committed to TYC.

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